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Actual Natural by Royal Dior

Whipped African Shea Butter

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ORGANIC w/ low heat processing

An organic alternative to chemically processed store bought products.

This product is a great natural skin and hair care that will not clog pores because of it’s non-comedogenic properties(meaning it does not clog your pores). From its antibacterial properties, it kills acne-causing bacteria. Making it safe for acne prone skin.

In the Ghanaian language, Shea butter is called Kpakahili meaning raw cream. Shea butter has many benefits including healing properties for dry skin, cracked skin, skin irritation, and eczema. Shea butter naturally contains linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic fatty acids that balance the oils on your skin; and antioxidant vitamins A, E, and F that promote circulation and healthy skin cell growth. 

Our shea butter (aka Butyrospermum parkii or shisu) is sourced from Africa and hand whipped in the heart of Texas using our special minimal heat processing technique. The minimal heat processing assures all of the vitamins and minerals are not lost providing you with the maximum amount of nutrients raw shea butter provides. Hand whipping the butter creates a smooth soufflé gliding effortlessly onto skin with a silky and luxurious finish.

This product contains: Shea Butter and safflower oil or castor oil