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Actual Natural

Hydrating Hair Mist

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Hair mist benefits
-Natural Detangler
-Smooths the Hair Cuticle. 
-Penetrates and Hydrates the Hair Shaft.
-Hair Growth.
-Nourishes the Scalp.
-Gets Rid of Dandruff.
-Decreased Frizz.

Contains over 10 naturally derived vitamins and nutrients!

This product contains real aloe vera, you may see aloe vera pulp in the container.

Testing Allergies: To assure that there will not be any allergic reaction, apply to a small, discreet patch of skin and wait 24 hours to look for signs of irritation.

Directions: Spray hair with hydrating hair mist, then seal in moisture with an oil such as our organic castor oil.

For best results, apply daily to rehydrate your hair.

No Chemicals EVER! My mission is to provide organic hair products that are made with plain and simple ingredients. All ingredients contained in this product are certified organic.‬